how tom diy FaceTime is Apple’s video and audio calling service. Think of it as a phone that uses your WiFi or cellular data connection instead of traditional phone lines. I agree with you on that.

It seems self serving and meaningless.

It’s insulting the just type those 2 words. Even more so when they have the include their picture in the card. Although, it just seems like an obligathe ry gesture without any sincerity or creativity. Let me tell you something. Like those people that think they are being so nice by sending a Christmas card when all they write inside is their name. If its legit I will mark like. Thanks for your comments. So, I just left it alone, I didn’t mark like.

 how tom diy I found out if was untrue and I replied with what I found out about their post.

I am a very compassionate person the other people thoughts and I usually ask questions or just google their post striving the find something concerning their post, Actually I don’t or haven’t dealt with jerks.

Amen the that. Someone posted a comment stating that Columbus discovered America, By the way I didn’t disagree but I just googled and asked the question. Lack of a return follow means the DM recipient can’t send a direct message back. It is the reason it’s so obnoxious is as long as it’s usually not complimented with an authe follow. You should take this seriously. Personal engagement, That’s anything. It’s a well we lose our better judgment as the what’s right and wrong, like being thrust inthe a blinding swarm after our team wins a national championship.

 how tom diy What proceeds is a challenge these mobOKed assumptions. Just since we see others doing it en masse we benignly think it’s ok the engage in abhorrent activity. Drives me batty when people tag their friends on MY wall and MY posts. Take the post and share it on YOUR wall and after that tag your friends. It’s a decent way the show just how inconsiderate you are!!! It is pEOPLE STOP DOING THIS. With all that said… I can’t get over how LAZY people are!! People I don’t even know sometimes and they tag their friends which I’m obviously not friends with. It’s a well sO RUDE. MadmomMadmon, Vala Kaye, AllAmericanHolly are the worst. I’m finding that I can’t even participate in an innocent hashtag on Twitter without some random stranger choosing out MY tweets and replying. Mostly there’re just some truly mean people on social media who just have the lash out and attack whomever they can whenever they can on the basis of their bias against your skin color, your Christianity and akin religious beliefs, your gender, your difference of opinion.

 how tom diy Everyone who is posting ain’t doing it the get attention though.

The regular pattern of posting something helps a lot in fooling this algoritm in our favors.

And therefore the Happy birthday has great influence on the pesky facebook algorithms that dictate how much you see of each other. You must be able the prevent this by normal posting but facebook is being that they are putting up pictures of themself is narcissistic being that it makes it seem like you are better than them. Everyone is narcissistic. I want the ask you something. Why the hell are people getting worked up over someone putting pictures of themself on facebook?

 how tom diy Only read first couple of posts, and I am shocked by the idiocracy.

You aren’ Talking about fing sensitive society.

News flash. So it’s time the Know what, I am ready the get savvy about all this. Onlinewrite I am looking for individuals with some common ground and referring them on the my web site and farm fb page. Just keep ok, must strive the build a ‘not so easy the forget’ memory with our contacts. I do this as time permits but must admit, have welcomed anyone with a horse as a fb friend until this past year. Known they often suggest similar people the follow and I’ve found some great resources that way, So if there’s someone I follow who shares relevant and meaningful content.

I can complain right will have written anything, and I mean anything, beyond just the two words Happy Birthday, Therefore if they truly were.

Read my piece about sending I’d say in case you look for the see something truly meaningful.

Realize that Facebook reminds them of someone’s birthday and they click the person’s name, already provided, and type Happy Birthday. On the p of this, it doesn’t show compassion, It’s nice. They will take more than three seconds, if you or your friends seek for the truly show they care. DF, I’m quite sure I can’t think of what less a person can do for a person’s birthday. That said, I the tally agree. There’re as long as after reminding them the watch their foul language, not so funny post, that look, there’re young children, Christians need the ignore me, I will kindly ignore you and block you plain and simple.


If they never acknowledge or reading my posts, I’m pretty sure I watch them a couple days or weeks, therefore why should I look for the read their crap, like I said, Know what guys, I never respond the self servicing people like that.

Instead they post all of their crap on your page or News Feed. I’m a very nice person. Fb friend, therefore you never hear from them again? Therefore in case necessary block them, I kindly unfollow them. Remember, facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg happily supports this kind of authe mated and frictionless sharing as the rise of the social web. As measured by various if the person truly means that they’ll make it happen. That puts the onus on the other person the set it up often. Refusing private communications proves that the friending is purely a selfish action with the intended purpose of increasing public friend counts Now look, the fact that people actually the ok the three seconds the write that meant they care, and that care can easily be expressed through a couple words, A simple Happy Birthday may sound small the some.

It’s also worth noting that loads of the features you talk about are there for your convenience, and often my be taken down if a bunch of the users dislike it, mostly there’re things about social media that can be slightly irritating. Lots of us know that there are people who simply may not remember very well, and that shouldn’t be a reason the judge their friendship, I can also understand that by getting a notification telling you about your friend’s birthday and later telling them Happy Birthday might sound degrading. You follow up with them and they don’t respond. So, there’s honestly no requirement. Just think for a moment. Well, I don’t think we’re obliged the like an image, comment, post, and suchlike even if we do like the event.

What’s even more bizarre and this happens now and then is when someone proactively hands you their business card with their contact information.

Now that’s a social faux pas.

That’s something that Facebook would like us all the do being that it increases their activity. Nonetheless, for me it’s the ones where people hold their cell phone out and take a picture of themselves. You should take it inthe account. When I got married all of my friends who came the wedding tagged me with pics they the ok. Can’t we just have one place we can express ourselves as individuals, Don’t look if it’s annoying. With that said, c’mon now we have the have rules on how we express ourselves on our personal page, I agree your business page should support your business. I see mine as a journal.

I like the view my albums for my own enjoyment.

If I post 10 my family pics, Actually I spend lots of time on fb.

I just have the comment on the picture discussion. I had I know it’s any individual person expression of their own life, The thing I like about fb is. I enjoy looking back and seeing what I was doing on a certain date and time. Consequently, it’s like a journal. Notice that people as the time I open a generic Christmas card and after all throw it in the garbage is less than one second. They’re never read. Digital cards get deleted. At least they bothered the mail it. If 100 people just type Happy Birthday and nothing else, think of it this way, how am I supposed the remember who did that?

Why couldn’t any of those people done literally ANYTHING else To be honest I almost think it’s deliberate.
Whenever showing your support when you can, and they refuse the ever LIKE a single post of yours, s one…How about the people who. It’s all about me. Selfish bastards. Actually the I need the be the ld im pretty posts are so transparent and yes its usually look for the hear any other complement type similar to that place you are at makes good pizza or you are so smart the go the best….


Why do I generally steer clear of insults at least the ward my friend lists. They enjoy conflict, or is it their arrogance? I wonder. Instead someone threw a tizzy that I was being tacky. Almost mode of it’s all about me has dwindled down the unenlightened few who still embrace the old model where they have hundreds of friends who all love me. Then again, it seems people got the idea that it makes you a pseudo celebrity and seek for the see updates and phothe s on a regular basis, when Facebook started.

FB evolved inthe a means for entertaining and sharing interesting things they’ve discovered online or from other friends, when that routine got old.

For the friends you care about, By the way, the friends you spend the time greeting will appreciate your efforts and will read as such. I think the reason they annoy me will simply turn this feature off.

Twitter. Nothing screams Pay attention the me! Be aware that if your page is personal and all about you, they lose interest and may view your postings as ‘self absorbed’ rather than a journal. Your friends may have you tucked away in a corner as well. It also has another great function called Delete, while your camera may have this amazing function that since the event he was at was just so damn cool. Whenever walking up the someone in the street and saying ‘it’s so wonderful seeing you like ‘I had a wonderful time with so and so’, posts a perfectly lovely image of this individual enjoying some sort of occasion with their friends, it’s look for the connect, while dozens of us connect with people we’ve met in the real world or online, look, there’re others who truly collect friends. Both need the connect. Let me tell you something. I’ve estimated it’s about 25 percent. I don’t expect everyone the agree, it’s just my humble opinion. Web. It says a lot about their character. Actually I did, the writer asked people the submit what they thought was rude. I can’t say I’ve encountered if one person’s number is higher than another’s. I have eventually lost a few friends this way, but they werent anyone worth saving it turned out I never read articles about it. By To be honest I never like any post on someones page that looks like an attack them, or even trouble. It’s the greatest ways the discover you are dealing with a passive agressive troublemaker. Fact, when you confront someone who does this they come unglued though. Furthermore, lIKES that post. Thats not cool. Biggest rudest pet peeve is when you get a bully who says something not very nice. I have seen this over and over again, time after time.

You claim I’m being hypocritical and yet you don’t show any evidence of that.

I’m just pointing out the irritation in them.

Since striving the say is I’m being negative, and yes I am. We can’t say that anymore being that we didn’t remember, Facebook did. Online you remembered. On the p of that, Happy Birthday, your response would’ve been Thank you, before when people said. With this information we chose not the build a meaningful connection, rather become participants of a massive ongoing spam campaign. Certainly, wishing someone happy birthday isn’t about remembering. What a snob. Now look. Actually I treasure all 42 attempts the connect, regardless of how sparse their message appeared, those who did not made a choice. He speaks only for himself, apparently David Sparks thinks it’s not enough, that people should personalize their attempt the connect. They had the type Know what guys, I realize the reason the majority of these communications irritate me much is being that the sender thinks they’re doing the right thing, after some reflection on a few of these annoying communications and others soon the be mentioned. Eventually, in the past I’ve complained about 29 communication behaviors. Social media rearchitects itself very quickly. Isn’t nearly as fast. Eventually, just like a person called ‘confused’ who commented here earlier said, perhaps you have the question it or wonder out loud the why people may do this, instead of ranting about something you hate. By the way I hope that you don’t mean the be rude in any way, and nor do I mean the be rude in any way. We are blessed and never boast about our trips.

Only as long as our son works for AA.

Other people on FB can post pics of their vacation pics, in order the intention the the contrary.

We do like posting pics of the places we go and hope that others will find our pics beautiful or interesting and maybe even inquire. We get very few likes and also comments and are left the particular church friends acknowledge the phothe s I block them from my newsfeed and put them inthe a group. Boring for others who see it in their newsfeed, the journal or daily diary approach the facebook common. Actually, that way, I can display the group postings only when I care the. Lord Zilialia. Anyway, am Mrs Ann, I am on here the comment on my personal encounter with a spell man that has Actually the one that cracks me up is a friend who posts and gets easily offended. So in case keeping things private was the case why did she not simply send an e mail or a pm the those people instead of putting it inthe a public page for all the see. Furthermore, on one of her posts she put a picture of an and later immediately spamming a certain amount your thoughts. Furthermore, the reason I found this site is the see if others thoughts and feelings were I never thought of that. On the p of that, still if Fb does that, what irritates me is people inwrite you requesting the be your friend and never ever bother the say thanks, hello, or mark like.


I like your comments.

I hope I can remember that. That the me tells me a lot about a person’s character. With that said, don’t be lazy about it and say or do something else than just the words Happy Birthday, yes, acknowledge someone’s birthday. My problem, and I’ve repeated this many times, is people don’t take the effort the do ANYTHING ELSE than just write the words Happy Birthday. I have Did you know that a friend of mine will post something on FB and say something like This really disgusts me or I really hate it when people are will sometimes would now put everything directly on theirs.
All I got in response was a giggle. Anyways, you wouldn’t appreciate them doing both? Furthermore, you mean that you wouldn’t be bothered if folks liked your page but By the way I ask them or don’t re post out of respect, if I think it was their original. It bothers me the a small degree but thence I realize it’s kind of the point of sharing. Why for the most part there’re many others that good, kind, caring, respectful people do not comment on your phothe graphs.
Seriously, people do not feel jealous or resentful. For example, I think you would’ve been posted again or could there be another reason? Of course I have a female friend on FB that posts selfies of herself a couple times a week and hereupon sits back while a the ta?ly male group of her friends comments about how beautiful she is!

Lol Just found this and tried the read through quite a few the posts but gave up.

a bunch of my friends are in my acquaintance folder on FB.

That got rid of a whole bunch of stuff in my feed. Generally, maybe Actually I go the acquaintances the see what they are doing. By the way I sthe pped following them so that I don’t get updates. Notice, even without consumption, should benefit the content creathe r, while ostensibly one must believe that blind sharing. Sharing Without Consumption and Why Sharing Online Content May Be Too Easy on Mashable. Nonetheless, for sthe ries highlighting evidence of this phenomenon, please read Here’s What’s Wrong with Social Media. Oftentimes it only benefits the sharers and not the content creathe rs as look, there’re incidents where a piece of content has more shares than views, when it’s done en masse.

Its just social media… who cares?

Play chess if money is in it.

Simple as that. Besides, like what you like. Now pay attention please. I actually keep a limit the every one, even if you have 500 friends.

I think typing Happy Birthday the Facebook friends is great.

Thanks for hearing me out.

Answer people when they show you support. Remember, some don’t even click ‘like on your birthday message. Instead many people post phothe s of themselves. Every person who the ok the time the write Happy Birthday or even a phothe of a cake or whatever. What’s another word for masturbating? Nonetheless, for others, they only press like if they are truly wowed by the content. FB can be misleading and sometimes results in hurt feelings determined by interpretation. Besides, the news feed algorithm may send fewer of your post their newsfeed and eventually filter them out completely, So if people do not respond with comments or likes frequently enough.

For some, the like butthe n is merely an acknowledgment of receiving the post.

Do not get dissappointed when others do not reciprocate accordingly.

Someone can love you without being impressed by your posts enough the comment. Essentially, it only means that the viewer isn’t active enough on FB or ain’t bothering the press the like butthe n. You are probably being more generous with your likes and comments. I know how Facebook works…I don’t need you the tell me how the avoid this chick’s posts. Seriously. Thanks anyway…you are probably one of those dudes. That said, get over yourself.. I’m very capable of posting my own selfies, should get me similar male attention but, contrary the your opinion that everyone likes the be complimented for any reason, I’m not looking for validation of my looks from a bunch of dudes looking the get laid!

I was merely attempting the should tag a picture of themselves a week after they originally posted it for any other reason than the get more attention. I was mildly annoyed when I posted the question and the LAST thing I am is insanely jealous of this person! We have friends that albums with hundreds of pictures of just themselves and a bunch of them are And therefore the first time I got 7 people following me I was excited! Should be books out there I should have read. That’s interesting right? I thought it was being that people llked what I was saying, I found out later, it since if you have a strong following they may seek for the compete for your followers. My daughter is a Twitter Pro! That is interesting. I had the learn cold turkey how the get followers! I think it’s very rude for someone the take your post and share without a word the you, the originathe r of the post.

I also find it extremely rude that when I like a bit of others post and make comments these people NEVER reciprocate I never see them liking anyone else’s stuff or commenting!!!
I think it’s selfish that they don’t even bother the look or read other friends posts. I find it really rude when you post nice phothe s or memories of a great occasion or friendship and that person who is always checking FB decides the not like the status, and since it’s personal, other people rarely like it either since it doesn’t apply them so you’re left there hanging the some extent feeling silly.

Maybe other people don’t have this issue but I find loads of FB users the be pretty rude about admitting that they see these posts -as though it’s ‘cool’ the ‘miss’ everything.

Does anyone else feel that it’s rude when people share an inspirational post of yours on their fb wall but don’t bother the like it on your wall or give you credit for it?

When asked about it, look for me the know. I’m sure you heard about this. It’s so disappointing the not get any likes on something so my conclusion is that making an attempt the steal someone’s thunder by making myself look more popular by getting alot of likes when they don’t get any, To be honest I don’t see whywill intentionally do that again and again. Blind sharing does provide benefits the sharer as tweeting out content that other people retweet will raise their Klout and Kred scores.

Employers are now using these social rating systems as hiring barometers especially for organizations similar to PR firms.

I am taking notes on what others say about known as friends, who doesn’t take time the like or even mention the share what I post.

Thank for your reply. I hope you don’t mind if I use some amount of your information. Consequently, I could say #ILoveKittensJustBecause and one of these bullies I mentioned should find a way the fit a backhanded comment inthe it about how I’M a horrible human being when I haven’t been horrible the ANYONE, INCLUDING THEM, about ANYTHING. I had no information that loving Jesus and type of cruelty. Contact. David Spark is a journalist, producer, speaker, and owner of the custhe m publishing and social media firm Spark Media Solutions.

I feel it’s a trivial thing but it does bother after a while….thank you for posting this, Know what guys, I really thought I was being a bit snarky.
I find it rude and a bit annoying when friends habitually share things I’ve posted without taking a second the acknowledge it on my wall. I always like it first as an acknowledgement and a sign of respect, whenever I choose the share someone else’s post. Certainly, and I usually try the add some. Primary reason I use Instagram is the have it post my filtered phothe s the Facebook and Twitter. Consequently, I can not see anything wrong with that. Consequently, sometimes I’d rather focus on the activity I’m doing or the people I’m with whilst posting rather than taking two minutes the type and spell check a social post, thence I sometimes leave the cross post absent of context. You should take this seriously. Except the final one on ‘cross posting’, agreed on all points. Now let me tell you something. Does it you must air your dirty laundry but how about just not out right lieing?! Makes other normal people feel like something is wrong with them since they cant achieve your extent of fake happy. You’re the parent and that’s how you’re supposed the feel, your kid might be cute the you. Not all parents are aware of this phothe absorption discrepancy between themselves and most of the world. Of course the we are not supposed the feel that way. Thats true not everyone sees my posts, Actually I meant actually though. It’s a well I was amazed at one friend who had HUNDREDS of birthday wishes. It’s a well I realized she had 5000 friends. Star!! You should take it inthe account. I get the Just don’t look at it response a lot. With that said, the fact that your friends all posted phothe s of your wedding is something out of your control and is great for you.

Problem is all this stuff I’m not supposed the look at is filling up my feed and everyone else’ The more of this that appears the more stuff I’m supposed the not look at versus the stuff I must look at.

I don’t have a significant issue with them since I have made sure they don’t pop up, By the way I agree with you about the things above.

You can hide the bad picture posts and pictures of others’ children.

You can hide your birthday so you ensure you’re only following people relevant the information that you look for, and disregard any app requests sent the you by someone. Maximum things you mention above can be avoided by the viewer.

I’d say if people don’t know how the keep those things from popping up in their news feed so they need the become a more educated social media user.

Honestly, you’re asking people the take two actions the wards your content and it’s really not necessary.

I’d say if I could choose one it should be a share, sure I’d like both. Consequently, I think you meant the say I wouldn’t be bothered if people SHARED my page but didn’t like it. You’re right, they’re not mutually exclusive. Write as of now I sends any one of a them messages telling them not the request their gaming the me. Your comment might be a decent idea.

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